Now hiring: Product Design at Tumblr

We’re looking for an experienced designer to join our small Creative Team here in New York.

Product Designers at Tumblr work on a project from the humble beginning to the triumphant end. They brainstorm, iterate, collaborate across departments, and collate feedback the whole way through. They have a huge responsibility to the product and the community, and they’re comfortable with that.

Who we are

Tumblr’s Creative Team is small — there are just eight of us — but the impact we have on the company is huge. We’re designers, artists, and writers. We design, draw, and write everything that comes out of here.

The team designs the product from top to bottom, does research for case studies, arms the Sales team with beautiful material to communicate to advertisers, and crafts clear, thoughtful messaging for the press. We work together closely, and we rely on each other to remain critical of the work we produce.

What you’ll do

As a Product Designer, you’ll be making the big decisions about what Tumblr does next. You’ll take complex issues and offer simple, satisfying solutions to them. Then you’ll clearly communicate these solutions to the rest of the company, work with everyone to make sure they get executed swimmingly, and finally accept everyone’s praise with a demure wave of the hand. You’re a problem solver, not a glory hog.

You’ll be working on both the apps and the website — when we have an idea, we consider its implications across every platform — but your main focus will be on the iOS app. It’s a good one.


  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Experience shipping an iOS app to the App Store
  • Deep understanding of Tumblr’s product, direction, and community
  • Ability to speak and write about complex ideas
  • Expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator (or Sketch!)
  • Comfortable in CSS and HTML
  • Ability to self-manage multiple projects at once
  • Humility, and the ability to take feedback
  • Portfolio featuring examples of interaction design work

[Apply now]

Please make this a personal email and include a link to where we can see your work.

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Join Tumblr’s Creative Team

We are looking for a production designer who has the eye of a draftsman and the heart of an engineer.


  • Expert in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Expert in CSS and HTML
  • Must have experience with creating assets at various sizes for iOS and Android
  • Must know how to create and implement pixel-perfect icon fonts
  • Must be familiar with Tumblr design sensibilities
  • Experience with motion graphics is a plus, especially GIFs
  • Experience with Xcode and Android Studio is a plus
  • Comfortable spending the day zoomed in at 3200%
  • One-handed demonstration of the Save For Web keyboard shortcut
  • Sub-pixels on straight lines make you want to die
  • Humility and good grammar

What is this job exactly?

We’re a small team of designers and writers who work on everything from the full suite of apps to the screenshots in our marketing material.

You’ll take organized, pixel-perfect Photoshop documents and work closely with an engineer to prepare assets for production, ensuring that the spacing and sizing of the build matches the mockup exactly. You’ll also work on creating good-looking screenshots for things like our Staff Blog and the App Store. Basically, all variety of stuff is going to come across your desk, sometimes last minute, but it’ll generally be pretty entertaining.

We work on Dropbox, JIRA, and Stash. You know how to use these things, and hopefully have ideas about how we can use them better. You’ll be the most technically-focused and engineering-minded member of the Creative Team. We are a plane and you are the landing gear. Does that make sense? Of course it does. You have a clockwork mind and you understand this metaphor exactly.

Just to be clear, this isn’t an entry-level position. Experience as a production designer, designer, or engineer is a must.


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